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in the faroe islands, fish is king

How do the Faroese maintain their ancient Nordic fishing industry? By running an impressive 21st-century operation. Currently enjoying a salmon boom, the Faroe Islands are using smart-grid technology to stay green — and to protect their fisheries.

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Malawi's secret weapon against HIV: male circumcision 

The small African country has significantly lowered its rates of HIV/AIDS—in no small part through circumcising men and adolescent boys.

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There’s a name for that: Norman doors

Injuries and deaths from Norman doors are often later chalked up to human error, designer Don Norman says. But the error is not the user's—it's primarily on the designer.


miso and the art of nuclear trauma

Ukrainian artist Miso captures the Chernobyl disaster and other tragedies in millions of pinholes—creating maps of trauma that feel at once fragile and powerful, ephemeral and enduring.